Tuesday, 4 August 2015


I promised a thousand photos of our Belated Honeymoon in Orcas - so here they are!

Orcas Island is a magical place. After many days dreaming of clear blue waters and evergreen isles, Andrew and I set off on a short vacation to Rosario Bay the other week. 

We drove North from the Tri-Cities' terrible hot weather on a weekday. We stopped in North Bend and enjoyed the fresh mountain air for the first time since soccer season, grabbed a few groceries at Safeway (mostly interesting cheeses) and prepared to head another few hours North.

We arrived in Anacortes late afternoon and boarded the ferry alongside anxious tourists and humble locals, many dressed in windbreakers. The grey skies seemed so alien and the misty air comforting. 

Riding the ferry is always an adventure - I spotted a harbor seal and Andrew bought a hotdog at the concession. Soon enough we were in sight of the port and surprised when we were told that we'd been traveling alongside Orcas for quite some time. 

The antique buildings and narrow winding roads that we experienced upon arrival were nothing less than enchanting. We passed many small hobby farms with signs advertising wool, fresh vegetables and eggs. 

On our way to Rosario we passed through farmland, zipped by private rocky beaches and zagged though mountainous forest.

We found our room at Rosario Resort and Spa and immediately opened the curtains to a private balcony and a beautiful view of the bay! I thew together a little balcony picnic and we snacked until the moonrise. 
The staff at Rosario are very friendly, the rates are exceptional and the grounds are beautiful.. stay there if you ever get the chance to visit Orcas! 

We woke to the smell of pine trees and sea air. With nothing particular planned for the day we set out to explore the grounds and eventually stopped to eat at the Marina. The color of the water was unlike anything I have ever seen before.. so clear and such a beautiful greenish blue. Everything on the menu tempted but I opted for a blackened salmon burger on ciabatta (yum).

After lunch we drove just up the road to Moran State Park. We hiked to Cascade Falls, a beautiful waterfall tucked in the wilds. We also decided to take our 2001 Cavalier up a gigantic mountain, Mt. Constitution at 2,400 ft - it was rough, but the views were totally worth it!

We spent the rest of our day dining on cheese and crackers, enjoying a beautiful landscape and  talking about our future. 

We started Day II with an exciting whale watching trip around the San Juans. We visited "Big Mike", a resident Orca and his family which included a couple newborn babies! On the way out we were also generously given a tour of the celebrity homes included Bill Gates mysterious Lopez Island Estate. 

We took our sea legs back to our room and rested up a bit before headed out for fish and chips that night. I was able to capture a moonlit sky before snuggling up in the comfiest bed ever for our last night of vacation.

Before catching the afternoon ferry we had breakfast at the Moran Mansion and explored the mansion museum.

I really just can't explain the feeling I had on our day of departure, I think I may have had a bit of a tantrum before leaving. In fact, I tried to have Andrew agree to leave on a later ferry..

I cannot wait to step foot on the island again.

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