Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sisters in the Garden

Last night I was given the opportunity to capture a childhood dream of mine. To be able to picnic in a dreamlike forest, to wonder into mossy groves with my best friend in tow. I am in no means a professional, but am creative and have a vision for everything that I do. Whether it be decorating, creating artistic logos for clients or photographing adorable little girls having a picnic in the "woods", I am always pleasantly surprised with the outcome and use these opportunities to grow in my creativity. To create the fairytale effect I used a combination of two of my favorite editing tools, Pixelmator and Lightroom. Stay tuned for an in depth "how to" post on creating the "real life fairytale" effect.
I hope to be able to someday fill my future home with photos of my own children enjoying nature as these little fairies are. 

Happy weekend! :]

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Michelle said...

Beautiful photos! Love the effect... very dream like!