Monday, 10 August 2015

Looking Forward:: Preston Cottage

Ever since my first summer in Kent I have dreamt of living in a oak timber-framed cottage like so. My desire to create and decorate a freshly painted modern tudor grows by the day and there is nothing I can do to make this obsession go away. Here I am trying to study mortgage interest and proration for my real estate license exam and all I can think about it muted earth tones and woodland creature illustrations. Today this desire is heightened by the sudden change in weather..

Our region of Washington has experienced some of the highest and driest temps in the United States this year and apart from acquiring a decent tan this year, it has been miserable. Today though, the skies are grey and the air is humid. I am hoping for a thunderstorm while I sit here with my comforting cup of Ceylon Maple Tea. Like many living in Eastern Washington, I am ready for fall. To me fall has always been a "new beginnings" time of year - maybe even mores than Spring. What are your thoughts are fall? Are you prepared for banana bread and pumpkin pie evenings?

I created this mood board above to try to satisfy my need for cottage living today. I admit that pinning about my future home is an addiction and like I said previously, it just can't be stopped. I know there are many romantics out there who feel the same way I do, so of course, I decided to share my findings.

So here's why I chose these specific photos and also where you may find the source..beginning from the top-left: 

1. I am really pretty fond of the shape of this little cottage. I am in love with the dormers and mesmerized by the combination of the sage green trimmings and clotted cream colored stucco - it is just perfecto. Styling and photo by Merry Albright
2. Beams, stairway and door. The hinges are seriously a must - I will be having my in-laws send these sort of things over - there is just something about authentic English finishings. Merry Albright
3. My favorite plant atop and marvelous handcrafted farmhouse - yes please!
4. This painting just speaks to me. It reminds me so much of a little town in England that I hold very dear to my heart. I do think that in another life I must have lived here.. Shere, Surrey. This painting is called Fox Hill, Upper Norwood and is available at!
5. The bedroom fireplace - just so romantic. That's all.
6. Modern + Tudor = <3 The transparency and the modern flair of the staircase - I can't imagine a more beautiful living space! Openness and brightness is something to hold precious whilst most cottage type homes are pretty snug.
7. That gold though.. so delicate yet so profound. I'd love a little powder room done in gold and grey/green. Can you believe that this is ps: this is a rug!
8. The hare. These things are curious and whimsical. The English are very proud of their hares, with the exception of the field farmer of course! I wouldn't mind a hare or two living in my garden! I found this cushion cover on a lovely little shop!

What does your dream home look like?

xx Meg

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