Thursday, 13 August 2015


I feel as though I have failed majorly as far as posting about my golden child. Earlier in the year I wrote a few posts explaining my getting back in the saddle but never really continued the horsey stories! Butters is our baby, we are utterly obsessed and cannot get enough of this Cheeto-eating crazy. I cannot believe it has been nearly 6 months since he became ours. Butters story is a little hard to tell because I wasn't around for the first part. My 4-H leader from middle school found this wonderful guy starving in a stinky pasture on the edge of town and saved him last November. In March of this year she asked if I'd like to have him and of course I jumped at the chance. A few months in the poor boy colicked and we nearly lost him. After a few trips to the vet and some professional nutritional advice from the doc he started to bloom from underneath his tough malnourished coat. Today he is glittering and has quite the personality. As I mentioned earlier, he eats Cheetos. He is also the loudest horse I have ever known with a killer nicker. This gelding lives with three beautiful girlfriends - two arabian mares and a crazy cute appaloosa. His dad spoils him and his mommy kisses him constantly. We ride lightly but enough to help build and maintain those Quarter Horse butt muscles. He's the sweetest horse and even participates in community benefit events. 

I cannot express how it feels to provide for an animal who has suffered in a previous life. I make it a point to do something special for him everyday and I know in my heart that he is happy. Butters came into my life at a time when I felt I had no purpose. I lost my job in February and although it was quite a relief, I felt as though I was quickly losing myself as I became more and more depressed. When Butters became my "child" and as he became stronger in my care I realized what I difference I was making in his life. He is 20 years old and I have turned his life around. He will be a part of our family for the rest of his life and I want to work hard to provide him with the what he deserves. He has pushed me to get out and be active everyday, he has shown me patience and trust, and has changed my life forever.

He is more than our fur kid, he is our best friend and I love him so. 

Horses lend us the wings we lack


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