Thursday, 4 June 2015

Planning the Belated Honeymoon

Andrew and I finally came to the conclusion that its been far too long since we've gone away.  We've been so caught up in trying to get on our feet that we haven't had that much needed quiet time together that we so desperately need.

For the past two years we've been on countless soccer trips with Andrew's teams and have passed the ferry terminal signs on the highway many times. I've always had a wanderlust for the islands and finally we are going! A few hours North of Seattle,WA are a group of Islands called the San Juans, and that is were we'll be headed at the end of June! We'll be staying on Orcas island - said to be the perfect combination of potential sea and forest exploration. We are both hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful orcas while picnicking and beach combing for three full days!

I have always been one to scan vacation home sights for hours no matter how user friendly they are. This time especially, I just wanted the perfect romantic getaway - so after scanning for hours and reading countless reviews I finally decided to make a reservation at the Rosario Resort on Orcas (below).

Rosario Resort, Orcas Island WA
I am extremely excited for our relaxing getaway and am finding myself dreaming of beachy picnics and heated pool dips on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for a thousand photos of sparkling water, forest and wildlife!

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