Tuesday, 31 March 2015

First Pony Club Show - Special Moments

My first show. 
The waking up early in the morning, loading of the horses and the drive across town. The initial morning meeting with the group, sleepy eyes and show shirts hanging in the car. 

The sharing of Show Sheen and brushes, the combing of hair and pinning of hair nets with  flat bows, and numbers on the backs of collared shirts. 

The pep talks and tightening of girths, the heat of the sun on a new pair of black Wranglers. Grandma's lucky buckle shining.

Hearts thump as names are called both in and out of the area.
The silky feeling of the ribbon
and whatever the color - 
you have won.

May the whispering of "Thank-You's" and happy winnies commence.

When this photo (below) was taken there were tears in my eyes - how wonderful it was to be able to share this special day with three awesome Pony Club kids, their parents, their awesome trainer and of course the lovely ponies!

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