Thursday, 26 March 2015

Lovely Latelys - March

This month has been crazy! It seems as if I have been busier out of the office than in the office which is absolutely awesome! I feel as though I am living .. not that I wasn't "alive" while working as a graphic designer in a poorly lit office .. seriously though, there is just something about changing your world entirely and taking on a different lifestyle - its all so refreshing in the midst of Spring. Overall this month has been absolutely wonderful!


1. My new boy. He stands a little over 14 hands tall and he has four legs (see above). He needs a bit of TLC but he is so loved so very much. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to my new love - "Butters".

2. Seeing Mamma Mia for the second time! My first was in London and my second was last night as a birthday gift from my mom, both have been brilliant! We started our night with a Pomegranate cocktail and ended it with "Waterloo"! What a perfect evening it was. 

3. Maple flavored tea from Canada. My brother brought it back from his trip to Victoria earlier this year and I just cannot stop drinking it! I have never been to Victoria myself but it is definitely on my bucket list - I've heard it is much like England. 

4. Baileys Coffee Creamer - who doesn't love a little Irish Cream? I have always had my eyes on the Christmas Baileys gift box .. the glasses that come with it are just adorable and it is all so well.. Irish! I had quite a bit of coffee St. Patrick's day morning. 

5. My new favorite album/iTunes station - Jenn Grant's "Orchestra for the Moon". My favorite song - Dreamer .. the theme song from my #6 lovely lately

6. Heartland. Laugh all you want but this Canadian equestrian tv program is just so good! I admit I feel a little middle-schoolish watching it but I will always be young at heart!

7. Origins skin products. About a month ago I started using Origins 'Checks and Balances' face wash, their 'Out of Trouble 10-min Mask' and a gentle toner from their skin clearing collection. Not only does my skin feel much cleaner but it has cleared up significantly : Bonus! all of the products smell great!!!

8. A very Greek birthday lunch! (above) Gyros aka kebabs are just my absolute favorite! If I could I think I would have one for breakfast lunch and dinner but that would just be plain ridiculous and people might start to wonder .. I hope to learn how to make my own someday!

9. The first Pony Club show of the year! Last Saturday took me back to my preteen years! I haven't been to a show for years and I so enjoyed being able to see the look on the faces of the participants - ribbon or no ribbon these kids were ecstatic. Post to follow!

10. New hair. (see above) I decided to go with a medium highlight that contrasts drastically with my dark brown curls and it turned out great! I feel all new and ready for summer - don't you just love that new hair feeling?

What has made you cheery this month?


Elizabeth Rebecca said...

Mamma Mia is such a feel good film :)

Lizzie Dripping

Katie Bedlow said...

Maple flavoured tea sounds fantastic, must try and track some down! I do fancy an Irish Coffee now! :) Katie x