Sunday, 12 April 2015


my first horse.

I thank god everyday for Butters.

When I was younger I was in a group called 4-H, sort of like girl scouts for animal lovers.
Our group leader was Sarah.
I had lunch with Sarah in February - it had been nearly 10 years since we'd met.

A few weeks later I had my own horse!
Butters previous owner had given up on him and Sarah had taken him in.
He was frail and his coat was rough but Sarah was determined to give him a new life - 
She told me that he needed his own "girl" and I agreed

Butters is a 17 year old dun Quarter Horse with the sweetest eyes. 
He's smart, beautiful and my husband treats him like our baby. 
He's my first horse and I love him so.
Last Thursday I drove out to Sarah's stable where he is kept and noticed her leading him in circles.
He was colicking. My heart stopped and the pit in my stomach grew as Sarah handed me his lead.

As I lead him to keep him from laying down, I held his head and spoke to him softly. 
I told him that I needed him and that I would always be his mom..
I told him to be strong.
Butters made it through with the help of good friends and a wonderful young vet.

In the last month I have become a completely different person. I have learned to love in a entirely new way - I imagine this is sort of what it feels like to have your own child?

I love him so.

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