Sunday, 8 March 2015

Loving Horses

Horses are beautiful animals. It has been said by many that horses help to heal a soul.
There is just something about the smell of a horse, the warmth of their skin and the connection made between 
horse and rider. 

I've recently started to ride again, with a good friend who's helping me transition into an entirely new lifestyle -- I'm becoming a horse person again!

I say "again" because my love for horses really began when I was a small. We boarded a horse at my grandparents when I was 9 and I began to ride when I was nearly 10. I remember the shiny purple halter we bough PJ, who was a sweet barn sour Quarter Horse who I absolutely adored and kissed exactly 19 times before saying goodbye everyday. Unfortunately, our relationship was short. PJ escaped the fencing one night in an attempt to steal apples from my grandparents garden and was injured. She retired with her family in Oregon and I missed her so.


I began riding at an equestrian center owned by an old friend of my parents when I was 12. Here, I learned the basic of equitation and even participated in a few 4-H shows and the county fair!

Cody was my first real love.

and Ranger helped me grow and learn to be strong.


but horses are expensive, and horse people can be snooty.

I stopped riding at 14.


fast forward nearly 10 years

I've reconnected with a dear friend, my 4-H leader from years ago! I'm taking beginner lessons from her and I'm loving it! She's even lined up an adorable match for me (below). Pepper is a bit of a handful at 7 years but she's energetic and eager to learn - hey, just like me!

I am beyond excited and cannot wait for whats to come of this wonderful relationship!

Stay tuned for more "Stories from the Saddle"

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