Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lovely Latelys

Lovely Latelys <3

Two weeks ago my life changed for the better.  I traded a 9-5 lifestyle for something much simpler. Now that I am at home during the day I have found the time to appreciate the little things. 

1. quality time with the pup
Meet Sage. Our sweet labrador mix rescue puppy. Even though she's a tad overweight and she constantly has to be under your feet I love this dog and I am excited to be able to take her on more walks to her favorite tree park! This girl definitely deserves a "puppy whip" from Starbucks this week, she's just always there when I need a cuddle! (look at those eyes)

2. cooking with fresh veggies
What is it about cutting up fresh veggies in prep for a healthy meal? Even though I am terrible at peeling potatoes (see above) I had the best time making my favorite "Yummy Cheddar Carrot Soup" this week. I forgot how satisfying it is to cook with fresh ingredients -- stay tuned for more British-American adapted recipes!

3. socks with hares and $5 pants
Who doesn't love a little weekend bargain shopping with their mother? Last weekend we escaped weekend spring cleaning for a bit to do some "end of winter/ Spring is here" shopping. My favorite finds were a pair of Old Navy plaid crop pants that I took away for $5.50 - (originally priced at $39), and a pair of comfy trouser socks with a fun rabbit (hare) print - I put them on as soon I we got home!

Oh how I love the little things.

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Evie said...

I've just discovered your blog - I love it. It's absolutely adorable. :)