Sunday, 22 September 2013

RSPB Northward Hill, Cooling, Kent

Alright. It's about time I catch up these things. I'm always getting way too excited about my photos and forget that they need at least a paragraph of explanation. Sorry everyone! 

These photos were taken at a wildlife reserve close to Andrew's parents' house. Julie and I learned about it the other week at the RSPB wildlife fair. The reserve actually borders the farm where the fair was, and we'd taken a quick peek the other week, but had no idea how big it was until we visited. Upon arrival, we caught a glimpse of a rat trying to snatch some bird seed. Although rats are yucky, this one was pretty cute. The whole reserve was so quiet and peaceful, and seemed like the perfect haven for animals. We followed one of the marked paths only to find a bird-watching house in the middle of a lush marshland. Here, we enjoyed spying on a flock of sheep with our binoculars and listening for birds. We continued our wildlife adventure as the sun began to shine a path of the greenest grass I've ever laid eyes on. We stopped to take a look at some thistle and picked fresh blackberries as we approached a small wooded area. The shaded ground was covered with all kinds of fungus, mushrooms and lichen everywhere. Rabbits scampered in and out of tall grass, butterflies fluttered and landed on brightly colored flowers, and cows mooed while grazing the marsh. Everything was enchanting and seemed so otherworldly. 

It was a perfect world, one created for animals and people alike. 

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