Monday, 30 September 2013

Andrew and Meg's Fort Amherst Adventure + Dinner Date in Rochester

Get ready for yet another ridiculous amount of photos. 

Andrew surprised me by taking me out last weekend to Fort Amherst in Chatham, Kent. As a fort originally built in 1756 to protect the area from French invasion, it made for a very interesting trip. We explored the tunnels, climbed the stairs (in heels - oops!), posed with canons, crossed creaky bridges, and treated ourselves to some banana bread and hot chocolate on the way out. I love visiting places with rich military history, just wish I could share the experience with my history-loving brothers back home. 

Like many places I've visited while I've been here, Amherst was mysterious. Before going I had a look on their site, only to find out that the tunnels are often used by paranormal investigators. Andrew and I didn't arrive on time for the tunnel tour, but I wasn't too upset ... I think I've had my fair share of paranormal in the last couple weeks. Overall, we really enjoyed the fort. The views of the river were amazing, after all it was a watching post (as well as a shooting post :| ) We took loads of photos!!! Half the photos below were taken by my very talented fiance. I must say that I've been very impressed with Andrew's photography skills lately, must be all those time I've handed him the camera and said, "take a picture of me if front of (insert monument here)". He thinks its absurd that I take photos of food every time we eat out, he doesn't understand that I have a blog to maintain. Ps: don't tell him about the sneaky photo of him holding the menu at dinner (below). I know it might have been a teeny bit rude to snap during dinner but it was just a must, he looked too cute not to. 

After we had our little outing at the fort we decided to have dinner in Rochester, Dickens town! Much of Charles Dickens stories were "set" in, or drew inspiration from, Rochester High Street. Deservingly so, because it is one of the most storybook high street I've seen. There's a castle, a cathedral, crooked little tea rooms, and even a guest house that Dickens lived in while writing the Christmas Carol! Last summer we attended the Dickens Festival Parade and what a day we had! What I'm pretty much getting at is that I love the place! Anyway, For dinner we chose The Gordon Hotel, we both picked lamb with rosemary for our main course and enjoyed apple pie and the most amazing chocolate gateau for dessert. As we ate I admired the original paneling of the dining room, we overheard a woman say it was nearly 400 years old. It was painted with wildlife portraits, one of them even looked like my older brother with his black lab, Sage. When I told Andrew about this, we both laughed way too hard. One thing I can always count on - Andrew and I share the same sense of humor ... and what a wonderful thing it is to be able to say that. 

I just like him way too much. ;)

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Rosie said...

That photo of the rooftops is so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful day :)