Thursday, 19 September 2013

My Very Own Flat Pack Home

The other day on my way out of Upnor Castle, I stopped in the gift shop and ended up finding the cutest paper house kits ever. They're by a company called English Village Designs, designed by a woman named Anne Hoskins ( There are over 20 different designs, some more difficult than others. The entire collection makes up a complete miniature English village. I think I found a new hobby. 

I've always loved pop-up books and all kinds of dioramas, and because these ones were less than £2, I was happy to leave the castle shop with two of them, and intend to go back for more. I couldn't wait to get started on my first, so yesterday night I made myself some tea, and began to build my very own "flat pack home". With all the careful cutting out and glueing that had to be done, it ended up taking me about an hour and a bit to complete my mini Manor House. 

I was surprised at how accomplished I felt after each tiny wall went up. I really did feel like I was a giant putting together a real flat pack home, just like the ones of the UK home network show, (My Flat Pack Home). According to the show, to create a real flat pack cottage only takes a day or two. If they weren't so expensive, I might have wanted my very own thatched cottage shipped over to my parents' back yard at home - like this one hereFor now though, I will leave the life size building to Andrew and continue to build my little English village. 

Sometimes I wish the shrinking potion from Alice in Wonderland was real. 

Tiny worlds are the most enchanting thing of all. 

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