Friday, 6 September 2013

Baking with Bramble

The other day Julie and I picked some blackberries while walking Bess on our road. When we got home I tried my hand at baking a few pies. I've always wanted to try the blackberry (bramble) and apple combo and I must say, they turned out alright! With the help of Andrew's parents we ended up with two blackberry and apple pies, one blackberry and apple crumble, and one latticed strawberry jam tart. We had a bit of pastry left over as well so I let Andrew use it to make whatever he wanted, and he created a tiny plum tart. How cute is that? 

Simple Ingredients: Blackberries, apple, pastry role (Jus Rol), strawberry and plum jam. 

P.S - don't forget the custard!

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