Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Six Years Waiting

Six years ago I met a handsome young Englishman. Little did I know of the adventures that lie ahead of me. After years of communicating via tear filled telephone calls and heart wrenching Skype sessions, Andrew and I are finally "together" for good. Never again will we have to stand and wave each other off through security at the airport, never will we have to feel alone in the absence of each other.

It's a terrible thing that any relationship have to be "tested", but in the world we live in today it's unfortunately something that must be done in order to maintain order and keep our families safe. I'm happy to report that we've passed the test as of this last Friday. Andrew went in for his interview at the Embassy and came out with spectacular news. He's finally been granted his visa which means that he can enter the U.S. whenever he wants to marry a certain U.S. citizen who loves him to bits!!! I can't express the relief that I feel knowing that the worst of the immigration process is over. We still, of course, have the whole green card thing to look forward to after we tie the knot but hey, if we made it through inspection once, I'm sure we can do it again!

To celebrate, Andrew's family took us out to The Golden Lion, Wetherspoons Pub in Rochester. It was such "a laugh". I tried Kopparberg cider for the first time and have decided since that it may be my new favorite (aside from Bulmer's). It was great to experience the pub atmosphere that is so often romanticized in films - I must say, the bar was buzzing and I saw a man with a pipe, the building was old, there were historical photographs on the wall and there were even a few old-fashioned fireplaces. Later at home we toasted each other over our decorated and tried some of the champagne we'd received as a gift for our engagement. I can't say that I adore champagne, but it's traditional isn't it? So we had champagne and played a bit of 90s music, took a few pictures and went to bed about 00:00 (aka midnight) without a care in the world. 

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