Friday, 9 August 2013

Allhallows Beach, Kent

We've been to Allhallows beach a good few times now. Only a five minute drive down the road, it's a reminder of just how close we are to the water. Because its so close, it's also a great place to take the dog and have a relaxing swim in the sea. Bess has this weird thing with stones ... so we throw them in the sea and she gets them. She loves to dig at them in the sand, which is more like thousands and thousands of crushed up shells. It's fun. The only thing about heading out to our secret little beachy getaway is that we have to walk through a grazing field and the cows get too close. That's all. Other than that we always have a great time finding crabs, eating our picnic, laying in the sun, reading coastal magazines and most importantly, cooling off in the Thames. 

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