Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shorne Woods Country Park

I've fallen in love with the country parks of Kent. It's hard to believe that most these places are no more than an hours drive from the center of London. There are so many of them and they all seem to stretch for miles and miles. Shorne takes you through thick forested woodland, a fairyland of small creeks, gigantic winding branches and moss covered logs. 

There's a great little gift shop upon arrival (where I've found some lovely little things), a small cafe for tea and sandwiches and many places to sit and picnic. Further into the trees we've found evidence of Geocaching, archeological sites such as a the13th Century Randall Manor and RAF camp sites of WWII. Our favorite walk is the Heritage, one of the many marked tours of the park. Andrew and his family have been taking their boxer Bess here for a few years now, so I've come to know the trail pretty well. There are however times when I like to venture off and get lost on purpose. 
Who wouldn't love to be taken "away with the fairies"?

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