Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Miniature Summer Vacation

Highway I-84 - the Scenic Columbia Gorge.

I have no idea how many times I've made this same trip - Columbia Basin (Tri-Cities area) to "Portlandia"/Oregon Coast area. It never gets old .. the way your surroundings turn from brown scablands to deep green forest in the blink of an eye, the spotting of the odd mountain goat, stopping off at Char Burger for a greasy bite and a browse through the gift shop, it really is the perfect road trip. 

We had been playing with the idea of accompanying Andrew on one of his soccer tournament trips for awhile, and it just so happened that my younger siblings had not yet been on a grand road trip their entire summer vacation! Long story short, we stole them from my parents and headed to Portlandia the other weekend. Lets just say, everyone was tired of the camera by the time we crossed state line (which is 20 min into the trip). haha!

Part I

Stop #1- "Char Burger", Cascade Locks

Char Burger. The first time I took my first bite at this place I was probably 'just' able to sit up in a high chair. Its the perfect place to reminisce and enjoy the greenery of the Pacific Northwest. We chose a window-side both because of the amazing views of Golden Gate Bridge and the Columbia River, and were lucky enough to spy a steamboat while we filled in the blanks in my new Mad Libs! On our way out we peeked in the gift shop 'just because'.

Stop #2- Multnomah Falls!

One of the more beautiful places I've been. Somewhere we always stop on our way into Portland.
We hiked to the bridge and snapped a few group photos while enjoying the mist of the falls. I am always fascinated by tiny ferns and plants like the one below - isn't it darling? We laughed about the little things and made the most of the tourist filled atmosphere summer-vacation-style.

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