Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Night on the River

The Columbia River. This body of water has been a friend of mine my entire life, I began fishing and playing in this river as a baby. We don't visit it as often as we should nowadays, but when we can its always a nostalgic affair. The Columbia is something to investigate. I won't go into such details in this post, but I will tell you that I am always learning of the colorful history behind this beautiful river .

The other night my older brother and his girlfriend invited us to experience their favorite fishing hole. We had a wonderful time, laughing and balancing among the rocks along the bank. We caught a few small bass and let them all back into the water. It must be strange, being lured out of the water for a photo - maybe its a right of passage for the poor little things? Maybe they go back to their underwater village and brag about stealing a worm and taking a selfie with a stranger on dry land?

After a few hours of "I got ones" we made our way to a nearby 50s diner for a much needed treat. We stopped off at a fountain and made a few wishes before picking our flavors. While we enjoyed our cookie dough and marionberry cones we spotted an onlooker (above), and before making our way home we made sure to snap a few photos of Mr. Mantis. It was a perfect summer evening.

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~ K said...

These are some really beautiful photographs!

~ K