Monday 8 September 2014

Headed North

4 instagram photos to illustrate an eventful, yet relaxing, two days.

Andrew and I made our way to Lake Stevens, WA Saturday morning for his U-13 boys soccer game. We hit the road at 6am after stocking up on mini donuts and sour gummy worms at the mini mart near our house. We drank our coffee pretty fast so most of the trip consisted of dreaming out loud. 

We spoke about how great it would be to own our own horse, something that always seems to come up on our way though Eastern WA farmland. Our conversation dwindled as we approached the "Evergreen" of the Evergreen State - trees for miles, waterfalls and crystal clear waters. As we hopped out of the truck for a bite to eat we were greeted with the fresh pine air, full of oxygen and fairy dust. ;)

We bypassed Seattle and kept climbing, by midday we were only an hour from the Canadian border, signs for Whidbey Island Ferry beckoned. We arrived at noon, Andrew's team did great, won 2-0 on a green field dusted with wild mushrooms odd wildflowers, bordering a dark forest. 

On our way home we stopped in a quaint little town called Snohomish. We found an English pub on 1st street, popped in for some bangers and mash, and afterwards visited a giant antique shop in which we spent more than an hour exploring and drooling over antique furniture. I slept most of the way home, only waking to sneak a final glimpse of the forest before entering desert.

On Sunday we rested, watched a bit of our favorite program, The Saint (love Roger Moore) and enjoyed my mom's wonderful Sunday roast with extra gravy. 

It was a great September weekend. 

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