Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn is Green in England?

I just can't help it ... every time Bess is taken for a walk, I must bring my camera. I've mentioned before about the fields and their constant transformation. Every morning I immediately fling open the curtains to see whats new. Lately I've been mesmerized by the vivid green grass and crops that surround us. At home (bearing in mind that I live in a desert climate) we do not experience near as much green during this time of year. I've always thought of October as the orange, red, yellow, brown sort of time ... until now. Overall, I've been quite puzzled by the English autumn. It can be crispier than crisp in the morning, but by afternoon the sun hits the windows like it did in July. It was so warm today that Bess decided she was "done" before we were even half way down the lane. So much so, that she absolutely refused to walk any farther (see below). 

There is nothing quite as indecisive as the English sky. 

(below) photos taken last year (October) in my home town:

Here's what it currently looks like in our part of Kent, England:

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Happy Homemaker UK said...

Bess looks very happy :) I am loving this little Indian Summer we are experiencing right now! Gorgeous shots :) xoL